Bridging the gender divide across different nations and cultures

Twenty-eight women and men from seven countries namely Tanzania, Indonesia, India, Sudan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and South Africa are gathered for a four-day introductory Gender Reconciliation workshop from 5-8 February 2018 at the Grail Centre in Kleinmond, South Africa. These numbers do little to capture the spirit and essence of the programme as the group sought to confront the profound gender wound that is evident across the different cultures, faiths, ethnicities and nationalities that convened in Kleinmond. Equally profound is the deep intention for safe space and healing that all participants upheld in joyful collaboration and partnership. The Gender Reconciliation workshop forms one of several programmes the group will undergo for the Training for Transformation (TfT) programme they are enrolled in. The TfT is one of the Grail programmes and seeks to nurture and grow a new generation of leaders in development who are self-motivated and whose thinking and practice is grounded in communities’ realities. During the Gender Reconciliation workshop, participants were invited to speak truth to their lived experiences as women and men, and hold witness to each other in a sacredly-held space. The workshop was skilfully facilitated by the GenderWorks team: Desiree English, Rob McLeod, Vuyo Koyana and Pro Xolile Zulani.