Gender Reconciliation

Gender Reconciliation is about healing and transforming gender relations. Gender relations are in a state of crisis. In every segment of society, irrespective of race, class, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, people grapple daily with the profound impacts of cultural conditioning around gender and sexuality.

Gender Reconciliation is a powerful transformational methodology developed and tested over 25 years. The process provides a rare forum for people of all sexual orientations, irrespective of race, class, religion, ethnic and cultural background to jointly explore their own cultural conditioning relating to gender, sexuality, and relational intimacy. Through skillful facilitation, women and men navigate the delicate and sometimes volatile terrain that is gender without blame, shame or judgment, and co-create communities of practice in which they play an active role in transforming their relationships at an individual and collective level in our society.  


Loneliness, detachment, anger, sadness, grief, socialisation into traditional gender roles, microaggressions, street and sexual harassment, all forms of violence including domestic abuse, intimate partner violence and gender-based violence, pressure to conform to a heteronormative culture, bullying, gangsterism, socio-cultural ideals of masculinity and femininity, exploitation, discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, including corrective rape. These are just some of the many symptoms of gender injustice and disharmony.

GenderWorks works with different communities and organisations across South Africa to address this profound injustice within the human family by addressing the root causes and not just the symptoms, thereby transforming these conditions to create compassionate communities and relations that are based on integrity, equality, respect and mutual accountability.