“The shortest distance between a human being and the truth is a story.” – Anthony de Mello

Our Approach

A social and spiritual movement that ignites healing, transformation and mutual harmony across the gender divides is an idea whose time has come. The bulk of work that addresses gender today focuses either on protecting and empowering women, on transforming men and male socialisation, or on promoting the rights and safety of gender and sexual minorities such as LGBTQI communities. The Gender Reconciliation process builds upon, yet goes beyond, the crucial work of these initiatives. It differs from other gender trainings in that it brings women and men of all sexual orientations together for mutual healing and reconciliation in a community setting.

Gender Reconciliation aligns with truth-telling and reconciliation principles, and applies these principles to gender and sexual injustice. Without blame or shame, Gender Reconciliation workshop participants engage on some of the most divisive and seemingly intractable gender issues in a skillfully-held safe space. Through dialogue and interactive exercises, contemplative practices, individual and group process, the highly experiential methodology enables participants to openly share and address issues rarely discussed aloud.