Introductory Workshop

This is a structured three-day process that applies an experiential learning methodology facilitated in a group or community setting. Participants are invited to share parts of their own story, listen to and appreciate others’ gender histories and confront the pervasive impact of gender disharmony in their personal lives and in their communities. Everyone has a gender story. People who experience the workshop develop a greater awareness of the need to transform gender relations across the diverse sectors of South African society. The insight gained from the Gender Reconciliation process is a practical next step that women and men can take for making personal and social changes to address harmful behaviour and foster healthy relationships. This introductory programme touches deep places of healing and compassion, often leading to breakthroughs in mutual understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Professional Immersion and Facilitator Training

This training is a year-long intensive programme consisting of four modules, each one five-days long. The training is thorough and deep, equipping and empowering trainees with tools for restoration, healing and social justice. Facilitation is a vital quality – particularly when rooted in authenticity and courage – and a skill that is deeply necessary and useful in these times. The Professional Immersion and Facilitator Training programme therefore offers skilful, rich and fertile ground for one to “go inward” to understand, appreciate and transform oneself in order to “go out” and serve others. This principle holds especially in the realm of facilitating Gender Reconciliation, because the whole arena of gender is so charged in society, and every person has experienced dysfunctional gender conditioning of one form or another.

If you are ready for a profound personal development journey and/or are keen to become a Gender Reconciliation facilitator, please click here to apply.

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